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Simplify and shorten your bracket cases by up to six months!


MOTION 3D Appliance: 1 Month
SLX 3D Brackets / M-SERIES Wires: 7 Months

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Carriere MOTION 3D does the heavy lifting for you

Carriere®­ MOTION 3DTM Appliances correct A/P discrepancies and stimulate initial tooth movement. This fosters easier transitions into larger wires earlier in treatment using Carriere M-SERIESTM Wires, less time in braces, and shorter overall treatment times.

By resolving the most difficult part of treatment at the beginning, when patient compliance is at its highest, you can achieve a Class I platform in 3 to 6 months, shortening the total treatment time by up to 6 months in Carriere SLX® 3D Self-Ligating Brackets.

  • Standardizes and Simplifies Treatment
  • Shortens Overall Treatment by up to 6 Months
  • Increases Conversion Rates with Same-Day Starts
  • More Treatment Options for Patients


Shifting to the Carriere Motion Appliance has been one of the most significant treatment advances I have implemented over the past 5 years…I have been able to reduce the overall treatment time and significantly reduce the time that my patients are in braces…I have much happier patients…that are much more willing to share their positive experience with their friends and co-workers.

Dr. Ron Maddox - San Dimas, CA